Window Film Adhesive Remover

by ATR Adhesive Solution® Inc

ATR ADHESIVE SOLUTION INC. was founded after having been in the business of window film removal for 15 years. As window film removal specialists, we were frustrated by the lack of effective adhesive removal products available on the market. We quickly found that we were not the only window film removers who shared these feelings. ATR's Window Film Adhesive Remover product is the answer to these frustrations.

The solution contains no alcohol, ammonia, or harsh abrasives. Window film removers will appreciate the absence of the harsh "chemical smell" while reducing the likelihood of damage to a window and cutting the time of each removal job in half.

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Benefits of this Revolutionary Product

ATR Adhesive Solution will cut down your labor costs and save you valuable time -
translating into more money for you!

Years of ResearchWe developed our product after years of hands on research.

Damage FreeUsing our solution guarantees no agressive cleaning and no scratches.

NO Ammonia/AlcoholThis ensures no harsh smells or chemicals. 

Low CostJust one bottle used as diluted serves on average 36 cars

Average cost is less than $1 a car!


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Made in the USA